Monday, October 29, 2012

Weddinz an Tropkul Storms: Wheeee!!!

Musashi Sez:

Well, this has ben a bizee weekend an no mistayk. Mai mom has been gettin all dressd up an goin out to PARTEEZ fer her frend’s Pamlr’s weddin. (Pamlr is also mai frend.)

First ther wuz this partee wift just girlz. Of cors, I wud nevr want to go to a partee wift just girls, but if I did, I wud hav worn whut mai mom wored: black pants an shooz an jackit an a bright PINK shirt. I liks pink. An she brougtid bak BALLOONZ fer me. I had nevr met BALLOONZ befor. I still not noe whut to do wift them, eevn tho they camd down from the ceelin finallee.

Then ther wuz the weddin, an agen mai mom wored a lotta black, which allus mayk me purr, an also a green jackit, which not so much. An she caym back VERREE TIRED, but our roommaytes wuz havin with the storm partee, so we din’t get to sleep as much as we wantid to, also cuz of the “bloody stoopid toilit.” (Mom’s terminolojee.)

Then this morning, she gits up and dressis aneehow (I not care as much fer red an tan, tho the black pants is nice. I allus liks it better when she luks lik me!!! That calld “jeanettiks.” Huh.)

Then she came bak wift the last bus to run across town and we sleepd fer 4 horz, cuz we boft so verree TIRED, agen.

Now we is rukoopratin. An we gots the tim to do it becuz of mai Granma, whu is naymd SANDY. She sendid us a REELLEE COOL TROPIKUL STORM, an it shut down BOSTON, (which is wher we livs) almos comPLEETlee.

So Congratulations to Pamelr and her husbind, Robert, whu it turn out akshullee exist (altho Mom din’t think so fer lik 17 yeerz, which is like a sentooree an mor in kittee years).

An Thankyu GRANMA Sandy!!! Cuz wen the storm end, I not getting so much companyunship in mai nappin fer a while. Huh.

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