Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Bak from Mai Unegspektid Vacayshun

Musashi Sez:
Wull, hullo, foks. I iz back (an so is Mr. Tygr). But we can’t tell yu wher we went cuz these govermint gyz in blak soots mayd us promis not to. Parently, the werlds we wentid to in the seventh dimenshun wer kinda Top Seecrit, an if you aksks me, that jus goes to sho yu how mutch trubble yu kin get into when yu are relyin on bunneez to narrate yer story.


So I’m bak, an it look lik Mom isn’t goin to let me out of her sigt agin fer quite a while. Yu noe how it is, “You not writ, you not call, you not email me! How was I knowin wher you wuz?” Like that. An then in the middul of it she swoops me up an givs me mor hugs. AGEN. Oddly, she not do that to Mr. Tygr, but he says he’s OK wift that, cuz ther is less of him fer her to hug, an anywae he got quite enugf of that stuff when we were bicycling around on Saturn.

Cuz of that whol govermint conspirasee thin, I not allowed to tell yu about all the fansee playsis I vizitid or the flyin monkees an lik that. So if yu has particler thins yu wants me to writ about, yu let me noe, an I will get rigt on that.

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