Thursday, October 25, 2012

Happy Birftdae, Granpa!

Musashi Sez:

Well, it turn out that yestrdae was my granpa’s birftdae, an if mai mom is to beleevd, he turnd elebentee!!! I asksked her how old that is an she sez, “Well, he doesn’t jump up on the taybul lik he used to.” This is too bad, cuz it meen he has to eat on the floor, I guess. I used to do that befor that whol armee of antz came to march around in the kitchin. (Stoopid antz!) And now I eats on the table, which is conveenyunt, because peoples not step on mai tail when I am eating. But granpa doesn’t have a tail, so I guess he is okay.

Also yestrdae was United Nayshunz Dae, so we should probabul dig up the perty blue flag and wave it around a bit an yell, “Hoorah!”

An then we kin start figgerin out what to be fer Holloween. If you has suggestchuns, you just send them rigt here! Thankyu.

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