Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Bunneez Sayvs the Day

Musashi Sez:

Wull there, we wuz in that non-Narnean world when I says to my buddee Mister Tygr, I says, “Why we not try anuthr werld?”

And he says, “Okey-dokey!”

An so we changiz werldz, but when we gets to the outsid of the pub in this nu werld, we seez a bunch of bunneez hangin around. An they tayks one luk at us an they sez: “Hey, are yu gyz immergrints?”

An we sez, “Who’s akskin?”

An they sez, “Yu looks imergrintish. Lik you migt need a plot.”

An we looks at eetch other an we sez, “Huh.”

An they sez, “Cuz we doin a two fer one sale on plots. It cost twenty-five cents.”

An I put my hed together wift Mr. Tygr and we figgrs that we only got nineteen cents, tops. So Mr. Tygr sez, “We hasn’t got enugf fer two whol plots. What yu charj fer jus one?”

An the bunneez put their heds together and mutter among theirselvs. An one says, “Twelve cents fer just one.”

So we hands her the script we has been follerin fer the past coupla monfs, an they looks it over an sez, “Wull, this is gotta be one of the werst plots we seen in a while, but we still onlee charje you twelve cents. But you are goin to get the most leestest innerestin plot  we has in our bunnee clozit.”

“We’ll tayk it!!!” sez us.

“Eh, voila!” sez the bunnee wift the beret on his hed. “Git on the bus, an we tayks yu to yer nu an improovd plot!”

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PJS said...

Methinks it's a fire truck, not a bus. But maybe that means it will go more quickly.