Monday, February 14, 2011

Happee Valentynz Dae!

Musashi Sez:

Wull, we has ben bizee laytlee an no mistayk! Mom is onlee finlee getting not-sik. Up til resentlee, she wuz soundin like this cartoon, if you kin imajinayt me channelin her. Whut’s eevn mor surpryzin is that, becuz of “sindicayt” roolz, this cartoon caym out 2 whol weeks ago, which is wen mai mom wuz akshul sik!!! Amazin.

Meenwhil, I ternd 3 yeerz old an din’t eevn notis, cuz me an mom wer so egsytid about the noo rug that our rommayt bougted. So on the downsid, noboddee singin to me, but on the upsid, noboddee tryin to mayk me dans. So I figgr I caymd out eevn. An now todae is Valentynz Dae, aftr that fellr whu givd folks gold if they wuz por. An mom sez we cud give eetch othr gud Valentynz prezints tonight, if wen I sleeps on her knee she don’t snor an I don’t “try to tayk up the egzakt middul of the bed, wher I happin to be sleepin, huh.” Her werds, not myn.

We wishiz yu fuzzee hugs an enugf room to sleeps.

PS: The akshul photograpf is an akshul phot of ME, Musashi. Yu kin pertend I signd it fer yu.

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