Monday, February 21, 2011

Akseptin Kissus Grayshuslee, Wen Yu Absloot Has To

Musashi Sez:

Wull, OK, doorin this Aminul Companyun extendid-holrdae, there wer bellee rubz, cuz I bleev in doin whut I can fer mai persnul aminul companyun, whu yu gyz all noe as Mom or Momsu. Whut I fergettid about (but unforchoonitlee, she dint) wuz bellee kissiz.

Brraaaggh aaaagh aaagh brrraaaagh.


It not that I not enjoy a gud bellee rub now an then, lik, wuns a dae, fer instins, wen mai mom FYNLEE comz hom aftr havin ben awae fer owrz an owrz an OWRZ. It jus that wift hoominz lik mai mom, a bellee rub kin tern into a bellee kiss. *Sigh*

An I wuz bein SO GUD todae. I let mai mom hold me in the rockee chayr fer ten (10) whol minits!!! This a rekerd fer us.

But them bellee kissiz is jus embarrassin. The bestest I kin sae is that she nevr do it wen sombuddee els aroun to git the saym ideer. Othrwiz, bein as unbarablee cyoot as I is, I’d nevr get tim to mai self.

Also, it kinda tikkul.


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