Thursday, February 10, 2011

Mai Mom Bizzee Bein Brillyunt

Musashi Sez:

I wuz asksin mai mom about how the eeekonomomeee is down laytlee, but she gots talkin about Neo-libralizm an the dee-velpmental model versus them othr modelz I can't mayk out, cuz I gots lostid. Aneewae, she sez that the stuff that is confuzzlin fer most folks, is the numbrz part, which she rekkamend agenst, egsept fer byin mai fud an littr, an fer the rest we kin figgr out a bettr wae eeventchuallee, altho gettin fed between now and ther is goin to be problematikul.

In anee cays, she is mor fokussin on this "krstol-o-jee" stuff which is about lookin at Happee Cat, the son of Ceiling Cat, an figgerin out how/why a kittee wud bothr to be sayvin hoomin peeples.

Parentlee, hoominz lik this gy, Karl Bart, an theez othr gyz, Somboddee Pannenberger an Karl Rynr and lik that--they all fought on som fens somwherz to com up wift the song that they all wud agree to sing togethr, onlee it didn't werk.


Pamela said...

Crystalogy is fortune telling using like crystal balls, right?

Susan said...

Not so mutch. Yu has to spell it wift som o's.