Thursday, September 2, 2010

Writin an Egzersiz

Musashi Sez:

I ben talkin to mai mom about writin, cuz she thingks about writin all the tim. An tho, now that I thingk of it, that seem to giv her unfayr advantaj ovr thoz of us whu onlee thingks of writin when we has to sign our nayms or writ a not to the roommeez about how the rent is duu yestrdae, still I gess it meenz she noe stuff.

Laytlee, she ben sayin how writin is lik egzersizin, cuz yu gots to do it almos evr dae, but somtimz yu needs to tayk a dae off so yer musslz kin repayr themselfs. Then yu gets to tayk a nap on a book, or mebbe watch a moovie. Parentlee, yu kin also watch the TV, but I talk about that anothr tim, cuz I dozn’t noe as mutch about it.

I kin see that she hav a point heer, cuz she goez to the jym a lot and she alwaes com back wift the stinky T-shirt to sho me fer pruf. An I gets up an snrffs it to mayk shur she not cheetin, an then I goez bak to sleep. Yu’r not getting me back to whol-pig egzersizin again until Septimbr 23, when the leevz offishul start fallin.

In the meentim, I’ll jus thingk about getting a pertee red trak soot to wayr fer when I’m writin mai blog. Then mom kin get out her kitchn timr an I kin typ awae at the kapyootr until I falls alsleep. Then she kin translayt an cleen up mai creaytiv spellin an find pertee piktchrz an lik that.

Evree writr shud has a secretaryee.

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