Thursday, September 16, 2010

Bein Distraktid by Importint Stuff

Musashi Sez:

So okay, peeples has ben complaynin about mai lak of writin laytlee. But ther is this song whut sez, “Lyf’s not wertf a dam/until yu kin sez ‘I am whut I am!!!’” An I is a perkastinaytr. *Sigh.* Whut this meen is that I fergits about whut I ment to writ, or possibul, I rememembrer but I is so freekd out that I put off whut I’s s’posd to do an do othr thins, lik takin naps or sleepin on diffrint books than whut mai Mom’s perfessrz wantid her to “read” or, possibl, sleep on.

But also, I has som gud egskyoosiz: I has ben 1) discomodid an then 2) bizee.

See, normul, I eet mai noms in the kitchn, lik aneeboddee els. But somboddee moovd out downstayrz an suddnlee we got theez teensee-tynsee ants whu wuz eetin mai fud!!!

Huh. How rood!

So mom an mai roommayt Karli did som egstra cleenin an puttin theez stoopid traps out, an I has had to eet mai noms in mai bedroom all week!!!

An of cors, skool jus startd up agen, so Mom has all theez noo books about histry an Cristshun peeples, an of cors, I has to brayk them in fer her by sleepin on them. Then they’r kindr an friendlier wen she reeds them, an also, I lern lots of stuff so I kin has convrsayshunz wift her about folks, lik this gy, Seerul of Jeroosalem, whu wuz, perfeshunnalee, a bishop, an personalee, a mixd bag, in mai opinyun. Huh. He okay about Ceiling Cat an lik that, but he not lik Jooish peeples, or payginz, or heretics. An that NOT rigt!!! cuz, egsept fer mai mom, most of mai bestest frends fall into one of them catrgoreez.

So, yah, he a bozo! Mom’s goin to writ a paper sayin this, an I has got to halp her, cuz I has gottid so upset jus tryin to sleep on theez books about him. MrrrrrPP!

Aneewae, so that’s why I not ben writin so much. I ben bizee--


Huh. Verree amyoozin.

Mom sez that I has ben “bizee as ants.”

You NOT talk to me about them rood antz!

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Pamela said...

Why is it okay to trap and kill and persecute those little antz? Ant power!!!