Saturday, September 18, 2010

Modulz of the Church Thin

Musashi Sez:

So laytlee, Mom has ben reedin books about “Ec-cleezee-ologee.” That meen figgrin out how peeples do (or possibul is) this cherch thin. I nappt on the book, but I still not following. Mom sez it’s like the Land of Misfit Toyz, wift the polkee-dottid elefunk an the Charlee-in-the-Box, an that trayn wift the sqwayr wheels whu I cud totallee pouns!!!

She also reedin about orginz, thoz big instrmints wift all the pipes. She sez that the orgin is a “magnifisint instrmint an also freeqwentlee compleetlee annoyin” cuz apparentlee, it sound lik that annoyin corfee-grindr masheen, egsept, lik, 10000 timz loudr. But she’s writin a essay (lik a blog, onlee lots longerer) in the effert to becom “less biasd an mor unnerstandin.”

Personlee, I thingk she shud jus stik wift the polkee-dotted elefunk, since he’s mutch instrestinger. An also, pink.

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