Saturday, August 14, 2010

Findin Locl Collr

Musashi Sez:

Somtimz wen writrz is workin verree hard on a storee, they has to studdee a plays or a tim that isn’t wher an wen they ar livin. This reqwyr “research.” Research meen yu has to go othr playsiz an tayk lotsa noets, an if yu got a camera, yu tayks piktchurz too.

Laytlee, I has ben floppt around the hous an Mom callz me Collapso Kittee. She sez this lik Calypso kittee egsept wiftout the steel drumz an littul umbrellrz. Parentlee, faymus writrz do this calypso-research-thin. Ernee Heminwae livd lik this. An although he murdrd som rhinoserosausiz, an wuz cleerlee a verree bad hoomin, parentlee he wus a gud writr.

Go figgr.

(We dedrkayts this blog to mai mom’s frend Jennr, whu needs to get a funding fer goin to Inglund, wher her 1st novul is taykin plays. Wift lov.)


MY said...

Ernest Hemingway liked cats. But only the ones with thumbs.

Get on that, Musashi. :-)

Musashi said...

Yup. Eebil discrimininaytin bastrd.