Sunday, January 25, 2015

Musashi Sez:

So mai Mom lovs me So MUTCH, she gotted me a early birftdae prezent, this is a NOO Litter mat shaped like a bone fer some reason). It is shiny an black like me, which is cool, an also, it not catch the litter, which mean it is easier to clean.

I not aksks fer mutch. Actchooly, I asksed Mom fer a tricycle to ride around the partmint, but she said that we would have to see about that and told me to look online fer kittee safety helmets. So far I has not finded any, which is shockin since that means LOTS and LOTS of kittees is biking unsafely.

I think I am goin to invent a Society fer the Promotion and Innovation of Tricycle Helmets for Kitteez. SPITHK. You all kin join!

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