Monday, January 19, 2015

So Far, So Gud

Musashi Sez:

Well, so far I has been doin pertee gud on the rezolooshun front, altho it has not been easy. I wakes up at like three thirty oclock and I has to NOT WAYK MOM UP fer like whol HOURS until four thirty oclock finally happens on the clock. This is egzausting and often means aftr she leaves fer werk, I has to nap ALL MORNIN. But Mom has mostlee been keepin her rezolooshuns too, so I does not feel so bad about it.

Also, Jack is back!  Hooray! An also Anna, who is teetchin me to cook. I has been playin soccer wift Mom, so I shud be svelte by summertime.  (Mom says gud luck wift that. Thanks, Mom!)

Eventchoolee, I egspekt all this not waking Mom up is goin to get easier. When it does, I intend to make gud yoos of mai extra free time by taking up recreational sneezing.

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