Monday, February 16, 2015

Mai Macchiavellian Plot: SUCCESS!!!

Musashi Sez:

Wull I noe you has not been hearin much from melately. Partly, that is becuz I has been runnin round the apartmin bein SEVEN! which is a whol lotsa fun. But also it is becuz I has ben runnin a multistate CONSPIRACY, and that is jus egzaustin. See I came up wift this ideer to BRIBE JACK FROST to snow extra in Massachoosits so that our hoomins wud stay hom wift us.

Now, I knoe wut you are thinking: how cud Musashi pull this off ALL BY HISSELF!? Well I didnt. I had lotsa help. Sherlock and Dash Strang sent me some MYSTERY STORIES fer JACK. Pellinore Sobel an his brother sent some unidentifiable VEGETABULTARIAN stuff that we not want to look at too closely, but apprently Jack really liked it. Then Tycho and Kepler Musselman sent a actual GLOBE of the WORLD that spins! 

Iris an Lateegra Thorndike/Breeze were goin to send some vegetabultarian stuff, but we had that covered, so then they sent a BICYCLE instead! And we has been running out of stuffs so I has offered to teach Jack some TIGER KUNG FU. We may need to get other kitteh peeples or even doggies involved if we are goin to keep pulling this off, bur I am perty confident we kin keep this goin till March, at leest.