Monday, June 2, 2014

Spering Cleeninin!

Musashi Sez:

With a Rowley, Powley, Gammin an Spinnitch!

Heave Ho! fer Anthony Crowley!

So I wud have ben writin these last week or so, egsept that Mom has been doin some mean cleanin lately, an natchrually, I has ben halpin!!!

The main problim is that whenever she “cleans” a bit of space, it always end up lookin mutch worser. So eevn tho she end up getting rid of 5 bags of recycling, 3 bags of old clotheseses, and som trash, it always look like she added all that instead. Harrumph!

So I not think mutch of this “cleanin” idear.

But it do giv us som time, in between the cleanin egsersizes, fer Kittee Soccer! An I has been workin on getting fasterer on my responding kick things. So it is mor lik Soccer an less lik pool. Cuz Mom gets impashient sometimes, and we has to lik patroniz her or something.

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PJS said...

" Oh, Mamie minded Mama til one day in Singapore, a sailor man form Turkestan came knockin' at the door."