Sunday, June 8, 2014

Mom’s Re-yoon-yun Thing

Musashi Sez:

So Mom went up to this place in VerMont wher they had this weird re-yoon-yun thing, which yu will be surprized to noe had NOTHIN to do wift On-yons. I noe. Weird, right?

She wuz awae fer EVER!!! Like three or four DAES!!! Irene feeded me, but it jus wasn’t the same. Huh.

She tell me that she tolded ALL her old frends about me an mai blog here, an gaved them the cards that tolded them where to go on the interwebs to find me. An I guess I believes her. Probably she did that. But I bet they won’t come, cuz they hasn’t akshully seen her in like elebenty years!!! (It was their Elebentieth Re-yoon-yun, an they all got vests an a stick an a leash. Or something like that.)

Still, she camed back. She smell funnee cuz she got what she call a “sun-burn” an then she put this icky stuff on to “re-hi-drate” or something. But at least she fed me. Cuz Irene sorta feeded me, but yu know, when yer Mom feeds yu ther is lov an stuff wift the kibble an that make a difference.

An speekin of fud, Mom sez they feeded her an her frends, lik, Fancy Cat fud!!! So I’m bettin she is fatterer than she wuz when she left, but that’s okay. We will play soccer this week an burn it off of her really fast. Like next month, maybe…

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PJS said...

Vests and a stick and a leash? Intriguing!