Monday, March 17, 2014

Bein Adopterayted on St. Patrick’s Day

Musashi Sez:

Well, my neighborhood in Brighton, MA  (near Boston Collidge--full of fightin Irish peoples) is just awash wift folks claimin how Irish they are today (altho we thinks this doesn’t necessarily mean they are akshullee green), an so I asksed my mom if I are Irish too.

It turn out that this is a verree comlicayted qwestion, because basically, I am a Japanese-Dorchester-Feline American. But because Mom is about 30% Irish an 25% Polish, I am eevn more of a mutt than she is, which is sayin something!!!

So if she is English-Irish-Scot-French and Polish (an mebbee Dutch and Swedish, we’re not  shur), then that make me Irish-Dorchester-Feline-Polish-Japanese-English-Scot-French (an probablee not verree Dutch or Swedish eevn if she ever gets more shur).

But like mai fayvritest comic-strip artist Patrick McDonnell (and yu noe that he gotta be Irish-Feline-Canine, no qwestshun!) says, like St. Patrick, in the end we is all adopterayted and that make us all fambly!

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