Monday, March 10, 2014

Osker Wuz Not Invyted to Our Pzrtee

Musashi Sez:

Wull, mai writer bunnee friends are whut yu migt call De-Tail-Oriented, which wuz a verree gud thing indeed, cuz mai mom caym hom erlee from halpin mai grandma and grandpa wift all the boxes an stairs an stuffs, but we onlee had teacups an sawsers to show fer our partee. Phew!

Mom walked into the kitchen to find me sittin on the tall stool-thin and washin all them cups an saucerors.

An Mom sez, "Whut kinda cookies didz yu hav fer yer partee?"

And I sez, "I  shared my Greenie Treats wift them."

An Mom was all, "That's my good boy! Sharin yer treats wift yer friends!!! Yu dezerve mor treats! And to thingk that yer grandma an grandpa were worrying that yu was havin som kinda wild partee while I was gone!"

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PJS said...

I'll never tell.