Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Continuin Mai Cowboy Trainin

Musashi Sez:

Wull, now that Rex has hads time to feel lik part of the fambly, we are goin to start the next step in my cowboy trainin, which it turn out is all about bandananas. My mom wears these when she gets all sweaty at the gym, but mostlee I has gone fer a pretty red coller or a white ascot or bo tie.  But Rex sez that reel cowboys wear bandananas, an he even wentid on the kapyootr (which not easy when yu gots Rhino feets to type wift) and he showed me John Wayne an the Lone Ranger, an shur enugf, them gys gots the bandananas tied around their throts. 

Those guys are wearing red ones, which not got the perty paisleys that all of Mom's bandananas has. She has all diffrint colors like blak an bloo an grey an red an pink. My fayvritest color is brigt pink. So Mom offered me her brigt pink bandanana to wear, but my neck is either way to big or way too small, dependin on how yu folds it (the banandana, not my neck), so we all decided that Rex shud wear it instead. He sed that he likes it verree much cuz it bring out the powder bloo of his corduroy hide.

An then, cuz like Mom sez, if yer hobby not teachin yu stuffs, yu'r not doin it rigt, we got to argyooin how yu spells the werd, or more precislee, how yu stops spellin the word, an I sed it was a funnee word, an Rex sed that it wus like umbrellas an pajamas, an Mom sed that's cuz it was probly Indian, and it turn out she’s rigt (she’s gud wift the wurds). 
Then we decided we had to look it up an find out what it really mean, cuz “sweat-soakin-up-piece of colord-cotton-wif-paisleys” don’t sound like a real word to me. Turn out it means “tie-dyed” an it related to the word “to bind.”

So I guess we're doin the cowboyin rigt, cuz we are learning stuffs.


PJS said...

You are learning stuffs and teaching other peoples (like me!) those stuffs too! I didn't know that's what 'bandana' meant.

Susan Spilecki said...

Okay, so at first I wuz confuzzled. Wou are all these peeple waitin around wen wearing arond these...

Whut "bandanna means" is "tie-died." Mom mentchuned pedogojically strategy as a misnoomer, which in this case is an eastern form of Chinese Taoist martial valets.Unfortunatelly,, we cantacnie100% clear contradictory