Thursday, February 16, 2012

Perpayrin fer Leep! Yeer Dae

Musashi Sez:

Wull, it has ben a bizzee wek or 2 an no mistayk. Mom has ben writin an thingkin, and I hav ben leapin! an runnin around! and nappin, so we have ben werkin verree hard to looz wayt and get strong an also that whol “theesis” thin. Mom sez that if I did mor of the writin, then she cud do mor of the nappin, which wud be betterer. Persnlee, I thinks that we shud boft do mor of sittin in small boksiz, but I figgr she won’t agree so I doezn’t bring it up.

An aneewae, the Leap! Year Olympiks is this yeer, so I has to mayk shur my Leapin! is gud enugf fer the innernashunnul competishuns.

Too bad Mom’s theesis has nofthin to do wift the leepin! Cuz I cud reellee halp her if it did. Huh.

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