Monday, March 21, 2011

SPRING! An Yu Noe Wut That Meen!

Musashi Sez:

So, yesterdae wen mai mom wuz goin to the londree-plays, a Robin Orinj-Chest swooped!!! in front of her, yellin, “IT’S SPRING!" An then when she caym bak agin wift the londree, he wuz standin ther on the lawn bein all spring-lik.

So we ar not too pleezd about the snow todae. It is egstra sno. Unwantid sno. It get in the wae of the pertee blu sky whu wentid awae cuz it got so cold. Huh.

But, nevr one to ignor an oppertoonitee, Mom went to skool an lernd stuff. Moslee, she lernd to tie a bo-tie, which she will need to do for the VARIETEE SHO on Fridae nigt at her school. She is goin to be a witch from Oxford singin Glee songs. I think.

I not to cleer on this VARIETEE SHO thin.

But it does meen she ben singin to me, an that is OK. That seem springlik. So she kin vareitee if she want to. I not mind.

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