Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Japan an Their Reellee BIG Problimz

Musashi Sez:

As mos of yu folks noe, mai mom livd in Japan fer mor than 2 yeerz, which is a verree long tim, lik 1 of the 1/5 fraxunz. An them Jepaneez hoomin peeplez wer verree kind an frendlee to her, an halpd her find wher to go an stuffs.

So cleerlee, this blog is goin to be havin whut them jurnalists call “biass” wift our bein mor for them Japaneez folks rathr than agen them. An also, nooz flash, mai naym, Musashi, com from the graytist Japaneez swordsman evr, Miyamoto Musashi. Huh.

So yu all shud not be surpryzd wen we tells yu that the big erthqwayke an sunamani-tidul-wayv-thing in Japan are causin folks to has havok an also lotsa sad.

The gud nooz is that Cat Iland, near Ishinomaki citee, is okay, although they doezn’t has enugf fud.

So yu shud donayt to the Red Cross an World Vets, an playsiz lik that wher hoomin peeples is goin to halp out.

Don't jus sit ther reedin. Donayt!!!

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