Thursday, March 3, 2011

March Forfth

Musashi Sez:

I ben reedin the nooz on the kapyootr, an ther lots of peeplez’ revolooshunz goin on, parentlee.Whut soopryz me is that mos of them is jus hoomin peeplez revolooshunz, not kittee or doggee or eevn hmpstr revolooshunz. I meen, heer it is, Revolooshun Seezun, which start today wift March Forfth, so yu’d thingk that everboddee, not jus the hoominz, wud be marchin. Huh.

I gess it is troo, what that Maree Dalee ladee sed: if yu gots enugf tokins of yer speeseez in a pertikler pozishunz of powr, ther not be so manee revolooshunz.I’m thingkin ther mus be a wae around this. Hmmm. This mae reqwyr thingkin in my littul grey Thingkin Bed by the windo.

But it verree cleer to me that hoomin peeplez, their okayzhunul compashunit yoos of their thumz notwiftstandin, has got too mutch daynjerus control of the werld, its media, an its noms. So I am increesinlee thingkin that we kitteez mus revolt or somthin.

Altho, mebbe not till aftr dinner.

Aftr all, we may be bein librul, but we not totlee stoopid.



Whitney said...

Musashi--Instead of looking for cat revolutions maybe you should be looking for cat solutions or else I may have to say "Dog Power!!!".

Susan said...

Wen yu ar lookin, as I is, out the windo elevun ourz a day, 24 or mor ourz, our electrical/evolutional stuff seemz mutch biggerer...

Of cors, I kin see in the dark moslee. This halp a lot in becomin mor eeecologiclal(wift ligtbulbs an resyklin an stugf), but not it striklee necessary.

Aneewae, yah, slootionz ar nys, but revolooshunz ar mutch mor egsyting!