Thursday, March 24, 2011

Dam Yu, Jak Frost! (Apparentlee)

Musashi Sez:

So todae Mom caym hom veree layt. Fynlee!!! It tuk her long enugf!

But she wuz veree ty-erd, cuz she spent the WHOL dae at her skool, the one wher she is lernin stuffs about Ceiling Cat. This also the one wher she lernd to tie a bo-tie yestrdae, an wher she is currentlee studeein about Ceiling Cat’s son, Happy Cat. Her paper that she is givin on Fridae nigt is about this whol Trinitee (Ceiling Cat bein three peeplez) problim. In the New Revised LOLCat Version (NRLV) of the Bybul, it seem lik ther ar a fyoo ideerz about whu that 3rd person luk lik. An Mom iz goin to talking about that.

But also, she is goin to be singin a song fer her frend whu is havin a hard tim. AND she got Shang-Hyd into a nuthr “skit” (this lik a reelee short plae, egsept it is moslee song). She is a littul less nervus about it. She say that the mor peeplez ther is, the less nervus yu has to be. She call this “soshul sykologee.”

Also, mai mom want yu to noe that she wrytid a bit about the Japan thing on her skool’s blog. Yu kin find it at

PS: Mai mom wud lik to point out that wen she Googld, “Dam yu, Jak Frost,” she gottid 110,000 responses. This cleerlee sugjest somthin. We ar jus not shur egzaktlee whut.

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