Friday, August 13, 2010

I Dezerv a Medul, Agen

Musashi Sez:

Wull, it’s Augrst, an so I went to the vet agen. Mos peeples (whu isn’t me or mai mom) go on vacayshun in Augrst. Me, I has to go to the vet. Huh.

Now, heer the reellee stoopid part. The las 2 yeerz, wen I went to the vet, they givd me shots, which not hurt mutch, an then they givd me a shinee medul. This tim, they stuk me an mayd me go to sleep an messd wift mai teeft an gumz, an wok me up feelin yukkee. But does I get givd a medul fer this? No! What kinda sens is that?


An we’r talking about dentul stuff heer. Eevin hoomin peeplez, who is larjlee big an not scayrd of truks an loud noiziz, is scayrd of dentists. Somtimz wen hoominz go to the dentist, they get givd a bloon. Admitlee, this not so gud as a medul, but it also pertee cool.

So how com I not get a bloon?


Pamela said...

I didn't get a bloon. Huh.

Musashi said...

I sorree. Them dentsts needs to werk on them peepl skillz.

Pamela said...

Do you feel okay now? Not yukkee any more?

Musashi said...

No, I's eetin agen an mai eyz is no longr big an blak an skaree lookin. Mom sez I bouns bak gud.

Pamela said...

Bumbles bounce back!