Sunday, August 8, 2010

Celibraytin Mai Adopshun Dae!!!

Musashi Sez:

Wull, todae is a speshul dae, cuz I has livd wift mai mom now fer 2 whol yeerz. Mom sang Fer He’z a Jolly Gud Fellr to me wen she wuz feedin me mai noms, an she givd me a nu toy, a cattrpillr gy wift bukwheet in him to mayk him cruntchee wen I squish his tummy. I lik his sounz. I also lik bells wift ballz in them—no, wayt, the othr wae round. An mom’s voice sayin, “Hnrf, yeah, I’m awayk, I feed yu,” or somtimz “Dinnr tim, Musashi, toonr, toonr, toonr,” or “Yu wants to plae wift the layzr pointr? OK!”

Also birdeez singin. An Mistr Tygr, when we wrasslz, sez, “Nommin yer hed! Nommin yer toez! Nommin yer tummy an yer Isles of Langerhans!” I not entirelee shur whut the Isles of Langerhans is, but mom sez they ar importint, an if I reellee want to noe, I shud sleep on the ensyclrpeedia.

Ovr at mai spy blog, the bunny rabbit writrz ar taykin the dae off, but yu won’t heer about it til tomorrer at the earliest, cuz aftr thoz crayzee gys has gon wild wift the gingko-infyoozd carrot joos, it tayk them a whil to recovr.

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