Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Mai Lessr Noen Enjineerin Qwaliteez

Musashi Sez:

So las week mai mom founded out that ther is a plays calld the Musashi Institoot of Tecknolojee. It is in Japan, attatchd to the Tokyo Cittee Universtee. Mom sez that this is mor lik CUNY than Harvrd, whutevr that meen. Still, it is egsytin. Thingk about it: somwher, verree far awae, all kindsa peeples is studeein layzr pointrz, moussee trajektoreez, Optiml Solar Enerjee Absorption in Feline Fenestration (OSEAFF), and Feline-Powered Batteries And Bioartificed Industrial Engineering Systems (FPBABIES). As yu kin see, sutch studeein catrgoreez is importint fer kittees, as they (kitteez, not catrgoreez) is eethr the subjikt or the objikt of the reesertch.

Anneewae, we gives yu a piktchur of the Institoot. An we lets yu imajin fer yerselvs whut kinda resertch they probabul does ther, which will inevitabul fix all the stoopid cruntch-typ problims hoomin peeples has gottid us all into.

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Pamela said...

Looks like an unstable structure. :)