Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Anothr Christmus Car’l

Musashi Sez:

Well! If yu thogt a doggee Car’l wuz egsytin, whut I got fer yu todae is eevn bettrer: This 1 is a song yu thingk yu knoes, jus lik that las 1, but is diffrunt. Part of that is the havin lostid the notbook wift the orijinul leeriks. The corus is historikul, but I hadsd to mayk up the versiz agen.

Jingul ballz, jingul ballz,
Playin wift mai toyz!
O, whut fun it is to play
wift the onez that mayk som noiz! Hey!

Playin wift mai toyz
Maykin mousseez run,
Pounsin on mai mom
An the ottrman!

I chays the ball-wift-bell.
It alwaez gets awae!
An so I chays my Mom-Sue’z toez,
I kin do that all dae! Hey!

(repeet corus heer, wift gusto)

Mom keep sayin that the old verzhun was betterer, but sins we kan't find that notbook, it not happenin this yeer. Mebbe nex yeer. This wud be somthin fer yu all to look forerd to. Merry Krismus, Happee Noo Yeer, an Happy E-Pifannee!


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