Friday, January 22, 2010

Helpin Aminal Foks in Trubbl!!!

Musashi Sez:

As yu migt noe, ther wuz an earftqwayk on this littul iyland calld Hayti las week, an lotsa peeplz now dozn’t got homz. Som of theez peeplz is hoomin peeplz an som is kittee an doggee peeplz. So I tells yu what the Innernashunl Federayshun of Aminal Welfayr is doin down ther. I got this from their website, Send them monee lik mom did.

Haiti Emergency Relief Response

IFAW is mounting an emergency animal relief mission in response to the devastating earthquake in Haiti. We’re partnering with WSPA (World Society for the Protection of Animals) to lead animal welfare groups in a coordinated response called the Animal Relief Coalition of Haiti.

Haiti’s capital of Port-au-Prince has been decimated, and many people have perished and been seriously injured. Many animals are also suffering, so our team is in the Dominican Republican preparing a mobile veterinary clinic.

We need to stock our mobile clinic with medicine, syringes, bandages, food, and other supplies. Once the human relief efforts have taken hold and security is in place – and depending on the needs we find on the ground, our team will deploy and begin their lifesaving work.

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Pamela said...

Thanks. People usually overlook the animals when disasters strike. I will try to send something, even a small sum.