Friday, December 26, 2014

Merry Christmus to ALL! (Eevn Mom)

Musashi Sez:

Wull, as yu may noe, I allus has a wild tim partyin wift mai roommates at this tim of yeer, cuz Mom go home to vizit her Mom an Dad (whu are mai Granmom an Granpa erspictively), an she party wift them.

Uzually, ther is lotsa sno fer me to watch out mai windo (in between the wild partyin), but this yeer not so much, an I blame Mom cuz uzually she plan betterer than this.

However, in the innerest of Santa might still be comin, eevn tho we gots no ackshual chimney, I is willing to gives her the benefits of mai considerobble doubt.

So Merry Christmus to all my homies: Mom and Granmom an Granpa an Onkul Ben an Onkul Stan an Ont Lindr an Ont Mishel an Cuzzin Dunkin an Pamlr an everbody whuz name I not noe how to spell.

An to Mistr Tygr, Happy Festivus. We will engaj in feets of strength tomorrer!

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