Monday, December 1, 2014

Fanbases and Shouldrers

Musashi Sez:

Wull, I has been thinkin very seriuslee about what Mom seds about my fanbase/audience/  constitchuensee, etc., an I decided that she is probabul rigt. I shud writ mor stuffs, eevn if they are stoopid, cuz that is whut folks expekt from the innerwebs.

In the intrest of this, I am writin todae about my sholders, which are apparentlee lik a futbol players sholders, cuz when I com in the bedroom from the rest of the partmint, I offen make the door go BOOM open an then Mom complain especially if she is gettin dressed into somthin diffrent. Then she say, MUSASHI! Why you do that? Yu no open doors unless you close them afters!!!

But I not do closin of dors. I only opens them. Huh.

This is becuz I beleevs in the openin of opportooniteez an lik that. It a philosophological statement.


PJS said...

You has an Open Door Policy. Huh.

Susan Spilecki said...