Saturday, November 29, 2014

Post Turkey Post Thng

Musashi Sez:

Wull, Mom jus camed bak fro Tahnksgibing wift my granpa and granmom, an she had only barely unpaked her stuffs before she givs me the Lectoor:

Mom: Moosashi, don t you noe that you has been lettin down yer constitchooencee by not writin yer blog?

Me: What are a constitchooencee?

Mom: Yer audience. Yer fanbase.

Me: Yu meen Granpa and Granmom and Pamelr?

Mom: An those folks from Germany and Turkey and Poland and like that!

Me: I canst think of nothin to sae. I has gots the writer block.

Mom: That are just a excyoos. Yu kin writ about all kindsa stuffs if you want to!

Me: I tried. I gots nothin.

Mom: Whut abouts all them things I do that annoys yu?

Me: Okay, on those things I cud writ ferevr, but we gots to amooze them fanbases, an they is not eezily amoozed.

Mom: AHA! Then yu gots yer work cutted out fer yu!

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