Thursday, February 6, 2014

Mor of Mai Dierbolikul Plans

Musashi Sez:

So there I was sittin in my kittee bed watchin the neighbors cleen all the sno off their cars, when Mom came home from work. She say, “Musashi, hav yu been usin mai libraree card again?”

Natchurallee I sez, “Whu me? What make yu think that?”

An she say, “Cuz when I went to the libraree, they had books they said I reqwested on the computer, but I not reqwest them.”
An she showed me them: Being the Owner Yer Pony Would Choose fer Himself, Horse Nutrition fer Dummies, and Cowboy Stuntmen on the Silver Screen.

I gived her mai most innocentest look and sed, “I’m prettee shur that yu reqwested the first two fer yer steampunk novel, cuz rememberer how you toldid me that in the olden days, everbody went to work on horsies instead of cars. You called it Researtch.”

“Mm hmm,” she sed. “An the othr one?”

“Um,” I sed helpfully, thinking verree fast. “I not noe why yu reqwested that one, but if yu not innerested in reading in, I kin read it fer yu instead!”
She huffed one of them big Sighs she alwaes do an sez, “Musashi, what am I goin to do wift yu?”

An I decided this migt not be the bestest time to sugjest she get me a ponee fer mai birftdae…

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