Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Hats an Blogs...

Musashi Sez:

Ok, folks, I has ben thinkin verree hard. Mom sez I has the pink smok comin out of my perty black eerz. I think this troo, cz they are warm eevn when ther is all that whit stuffs outside.

I has ben havin the mixed feelins about mai noo rhinocerosaucerous/ponee frend, whu is apparently not ust visitin but going to liv her from now on. Also, I has been runnin an jumpin, becuz yu noe, spring. It ar comin.

Also, side note, mom got a pift helmut like half off when the army an navy store died suddenlike. So she is all like "All the adventchoorz are belonging to ME!"

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