Thursday, July 19, 2012

We Triez Agen, Agen

Musashi Sez:

Wull, thingz not go so gud in Plot Land. I ben lyin on mai Pink Thinkin Rug and mai Pink Thinkin Towl, an I jus can’t figgr out how to mayk this plot thin work. See we hadz theez grayt piktchrz of me fightin the Wickid Witch of Westport, but we cudn’t figgr out how, cuz that Dorthee gal alreddy landed a hous on her sistr, an she out of boft sistrz and prezoomable, houses.

So now we ar goin to hav to see if we kin find us a Wormhol to Narnia, or failin that, hom.

We has been sorree to disrpoint, but * SIGH * Mom wuz rigt. Plots is hardr than they luks.

Next time I go off, I’m goin to bring my writer bunnee frend. An also a compass.

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PJS said...

Hey! It's the first time I've checked in here in about 3 weeks and it's my good fortune to see a post dated today!