Saturday, December 3, 2011

Occyoopai Sesame Street Et Setera

Musashi Sez:

Wull, I wuz goin to writ about that Occyoopai Sesame Street thin, but then mai mom gottid a verree bad cold, so I am goin to writ about that instead. She keep goin, “Corf, corf, corf. Krshneezl! Honk!” This is not so mutch fun to lissen to, as it tern out. (In part cuz it soun to me mor lik the woof of a Cheewowa, that ar sillee-lookin doggeez at the bestest of timz.) Aneewae, she ar sik, an I has the responsbabilitlee of halpin her, if I can.
I offrd to mayk Tea, but parentlee that reqwir thumz. An I offrd to gets her orinj joos frum the stor, but that reqwir goin outsid wher all them big noyzee carz an truks ar, an also havin pockits fer monee, an lik that.

So moslee I has jus ben ovrseein. This meen sleepin on her ankulz, an givin her kittee shiatsu, cuz ther ar som powrful poynts on the feemr bon that kin halp wift the immyoon systim. An wen she goez to the kitchin, I follrs her ther, an wen she goes to the baftroom I follrs her ther an mayk shur she gits back to bed sayf. Aslo, I gives her kittee shiatsu on her limber supports, which ar the spynl stuffs that keeps her uprigt.
An then I naps on her nee whil she sleepin, becuz if yu has got cold, yu needs to has warm neez. Huh. Probabul that why she gottid sik in firtst plays, from havin cold nees in San Fransisko, wiftout me bein ther to keep them warm.

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