Friday, November 25, 2011

Som Thangksgivinz to Ceiling Cat

Musashi Sez:

Wull, mai mom FYNLEE got bak frum her big ol’ confrens in San Fransisco in Californyr, an I has to say, wull. it shur took long enugf!!!

She sez she wuz all plitikul an theolojikul an lik that, but maynlee, I’m thingkin that she tukt a vakayshun wiftout invytin me along. Shur, she SED that the Hilton Hotel didn’t hav littr boxiz in their roomz, an that they gets verree antsee if yu aksks them about their a-komo-day-shunz fer Non-Hoomin-Peeplez.

But I thingks mebbe she wuz jus tryin to get out of depooperaytin MAI littr box. Huh. An whut kinda mom is that, I asks yu?


But she did com bak. An the firstist thin she don wuz to cleen up mai waddr fountin so I cud dringk frum it properlee. The secondist thin wuz she depooperayted my pooperatyr. So mebbee I wuz wrong. Mebbee this whol content an contakt thin, which mai granpa talk about, has gots som legs unner it


An the thridst thin she did wuz to nap wift me fer, lik, three or for whol hourz. So, yu noe, mebbe she the mom-typ-person whu I has ben egspektin her to be.

Egsept she not ovr-feedin me AT ALL. She hasn’t wuns sed in the last 7 or 8 hourz how she kin see mai ribz frum ther.

So I jus dunno…

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