Sunday, July 3, 2011

The Thrid Escape

Musashi Sez:

Wull we ben verree bizzee in the las 30 owrz or so, altho yu migts not be aybul to tell. Moslee, it wuz me, Musashi, bein bizzee wift the hollecoptrz an stuff, landin at the higest poynt of the compond of them Hare Krirshnrz whut kitten-napt all them bunneez frum mai buddee, Octavian’s writr pool (the one wiftout the akshul green waddr).

So, yah, we landed on the rooftop an then, cuz it wuz all too mutch fer me wift the noiz an the egsytmint, I went into a 15 minit cays of whut we kitteez call “compozhur groomin” an then I falld asleep fer hors an hors.

But the gud nooz is that, wen I finlee wokd up, mai spy buddeez frum the holicptr wuz reddee to rol

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