Saturday, July 23, 2011

Mai Kittee Trahmr/How Thinz Egsplodid Then

Musashi Sez:

So the rescyoo mishun wuz ackomplisht, although I had to go hom in the middul to has mai anyual vizit to the vet. I lik the vet. Her offis has lotsa innersting smells. I eevn lay on the flor an cleend my pawz fer awhile, which surprizd the vet. She sed that kitteez don’t do that mutch, but I am a totallee nonchalant kittee, in the offis at leest. Not the trayn. I NOT lik the trayn. Not not not! It is noizee an trahmattik.

Aneewae, by the tim I gots bak to Nabraska, we hads the Hare Krishna compound suroundid. We put on our ninjr soots an grabbed ou flowr bookays fer camoflage an went in armd fer bunnee.

Our leedr wuz a straynj littul bald gy wift a speech impidimint. Wen the Hare Krishnas saw our amayzin flowrz, they all stoppd whut they wuz doin an caym ovr to sniff. I grabbd my gy an putted him in a full Mason-Dixon, an he kickd lik a kangaroo. I din’t see mutch of whut wuz happinin wift the other ninjr SWAT gyz cuz it wus all I cud do not to let him get awae or, possibutl, disembowl me.
The writr bunneez wuz so graytful to us fer halpin lberayt them, they offerd me a gest star spot on their spy bog, but I sed I’d hav to nap fer a monft or 2 before I cud eevn think about it. Turnz out them akshun mooveez is mutch hardr werk than they looks.

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