Monday, July 25, 2011

Bakgrown Reesertch

Musashi Sez:

Accordin to my Mom-—er, Watchr—-we findid this stuffs out abowt our so-calld “Hare-Krishnr” emeneez. Turnz out, they wuzn’t the Reellee Reel Hare Krishnas at all, whu has no connexion wift bunneez. This compound we raydid hadsd nothin to do wift actual rabbit types. Go figger. An them old tomez that Mom keeps on her shalvz told us lots about the bad gyz we wuz figtin (so it turnd out gud that I hadsd to go hom fer my vizit to the vet, cuz I gotst the insyd skup on the fansee bakgrown reesertch! Huh!). The ol buks tol us that:

The Bunny Cult traces its beginnings to the Viking raids of Ireland in the 8th century. Wily rabbits from Trondheim smuggled themselves aboard the outgoing longboats, and alighted on Irish shores slightly nauseous but up for some fun. St. Patrick may have driven all the snakes out of Ireland in the mid-400s, but no one felt much like carrying on the tradition and the Bunnies were allowed to stay.

Wuns we wuz knowin that, we cud tayk them down wift tayzrs an judo an lik that, hah, wiftout havin to worree about mistikul backlash.

The Ancient and Honourable Bunny Cult. 22 June 2011. Web.

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