Friday, June 10, 2011

Stalkin the Liddul Blak Horsies

Musashi Sez:

So mai mom ben sleepin reellee bad in the heet an then weerd stuffs happin in her hed. See, ther ar theez liddul blak horsies whu com an rid aroun on her pillo in the erlee mornin wen it’s uzual jus me an the birdeez outsid singin. They ar outsid. I am a indoor kittee. But now that mom has the Nigt Mayrz, I has to be up an doin in a sereeyus wae, doin the Hokee-Pokee on them horsies’s heds, an pattin mom on arm to mayks her feel betterer, an then beetin the pillo agen to mayk shur ther no horsies left.

It is a veree sereeyus pozishun. It mayk me so tired I has to sleep all dae to get my Vim bak. But sins I moslee sleeps all dae aneewae, I is purfict fer the job.


Pamela said...

Not to mention your Vigor and Vitality. Thanks for looking after my friend (AKA yer mom).

Susan said...

Yah, it's a dirtee job. On the othr han, she doz cleen up mai littr box (eevenchulee).