Tuesday, June 14, 2011

All That Julee Myoozik

Musashi Sez:

So theez past fyoo daez, mai mom haz ben singin funnee myoozik, wift leeriks lik, “Shal 2 nigts nevr tilt fer me, an let their blud be spilt fer me: O wher ar a maydinz simpl joyz?”

This, I has to sae, confuzzlz me. How kin a nigt has blud to split? An I has herd of this mideevil tilting an jousting typ stuff, but whut that got to do wift dae an nigt?

An why she worreein about this now? I meen, itz Joon, fer cryin out lowd. Whut is it about the treez flowrin and the bugz buggin an lik that which seem to eelissit sutch a straynj re-akshun frum her?

She SEZ that it is about this “Unleeshin Our Voysiz” class that she is taykin. That she has ben lik a doggee, barkin wift a verree low voys indeedy, fer, lik, evr. An hoomin gyz ar not gud at tranzlaytin that into “I iz a verree lovlee laydee, harrumph.” An also, she sez, singing only 1 octave at a tim is a reel drag.

Wull, I not totallee get the whol gy thing, cuz altho I iz a gy, that whol hoomin cultchur thing is a BIG MISTREE. But I doz get that, yu noe, wen yu is on the bak fens, singin yer hart out, it is verree nys if a fyoo peeplez unnerstan, an mebbe sheds a teer or joinz in wift the singin.

An I suspex that ther iz lotsa kitteez whu needs their voysiz to be unleeshd, or at leest temporirarilee uncollared. An mai Mom I is jus egzaktlee the kinda person whu, whethr yu iz hoomin or non-hoomin, she don’t cayr, cuz she jus wanna heer yer voys. It don’t matter whether yu identify wift peeplz whu moslee showz their skin or moslee showz their furr: she sez, whut if yer God hadz the furr? Whut if yer God luk egzaktlee lik yu?

AND (this the hard part)

Whut if yer God lookt lik yer predator?

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