Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A Nuthr Nominous Poscard!

Musashi Sez:

Wull, I gettid a nuthr straynj nominous poscard todae. The writin wuz tinee, so it wuz hard to reed, but this whut it sed:

Reelleee needz 8. This flowr thin gettin old. If I nevr sees eppley agen it wae too soon. Bugzy mayd brayk yestrdae an he got caugtid. Neezdz owtsid halp. Also, orinj ain’t mai colr. Bring carrits an mebbee holecoptr. Ktxbai.

I has to sae I’z stumpt. But I’m thinking bout this 8 thin. I’m wondrin if theez folx think I’m Octavian, my altr eego, the spy kittee whu nobuddee has ben herein frum fer lik monfts an monfts. This may be tim fer me an Mom to call that M laydee whut 8 yoosto speek so highlee of. Yus.

An also we ar gonna need som seeryus theeem myoozik


Pamela said...

Huh. This reminds me of a very creepy story I read once.

Susan said...

O reellee?

Pamela said...
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