Thursday, November 11, 2010

Mor on Them Egstra Holee Typs

Musashi Sez:

So I am thingkin about maykin mai own Egstra Holee Peeples Book, an drawin the piktchrz fer it. I dozn’t call them “saints” cuz that werd sugjest that onlee hoomin peeples kin be holee, an if yu looks at histree, yu kin see that ar ridiklus. So I yooz “egstra holee” instead. Langwidj is importint. (Spellin, not so mutch.) This why I insist on yoozin mai naytiv LOLCat to writ in.

In mai book, I goin to inclood a few hoomins, lik Noah, an Jayn Goodal, an that English fellr William Wilberforce whu co-founded the Royal Societee fer the Pertekshun of Aminals. But mostlee, they will be all them aminal holee peeples whu alwaez gets leftid out of the hoomin books:

Egstra Holee Buffalo: Martyr of America. Nuff sed.

Egstra Holee Tygr: This gy in hidin, moslee, to keep frum bein a martyr, which mayk mutch mor sens to me. He meditayts a lot, offin whil lyin on a tree brantch, which is not so eezee as it look.

Egstra Holee Kittee of Norwich: Whil this kittee’z naym has not com down to us, we ar pertee shur that she tol that laydee Julian evreething she nue about Ceiling Cat.

Egstra Holee Bernard of the Alps: Obveeuslee. Eevn the hoominz agree on him. But they wud, cuz he careez brandee around wift him.

Parentlee, ther also is St. Roch's Doggee frend, an som big whyt bull in Spayn. But, this will get me startid fer now. I gots to go fyndz mai crayonz. Kthxbai.

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