Thursday, July 15, 2010

Writin an Percastinaytin

Musashi Sez:

So yu may hav notisd that I has not writid fer a few days. This is calld procastinaytin. Mai mom is a porcastinayshun egspert. Peeples has payd her to adviz their prorastsinayshun. So I pays lotsa attenshun to whut she sez about it.

In genrul, she is for it as long as it is the constructive typ. This means thins lik sharpenin yer pensils, eevn if yu writs on the compyootr, an taykin showrz (which I am agenst on prinsipl), but it not inclood, fer egsampl, goin to Noo York fer the weekend. Also, yu kin watch som cool moovee or TV sho on Netflix fer lik mebbe 45 minutes as long as yu then work reellee hard and writ lotsa stuff fer 15-30 minutes aftr that. An if yu don’t, yu has to wait haf an hour befor yu kin watch somthin els or mor of the saym.

So: Lessin 3:

Procrastinayt if yu has to, but be constructiv about it.


Pamela said...

Watch TV (or read a murder mystery) for 45 minutes and then write for 15. I like those numbers!

Musashi said...

Yeh. Mom getz mor don that wae. Is pertee amayzin.