Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Footbol Player, or Mebbe Checkrz

Musashi Sez:

Wull, I alreddee thogtid about becoming a fhyzikul therapist, but mai mom wuz playin wift her funnee rubbr cord thing that halp her bild her week musls, an it mayk me want to play wift stuff lik that. She gots it from her fhyziku thrapist, but I figgrz ther probabul lotsa foks whu yooz toolz lik that fer getting strongr. Lik footbol playrz. I figgrz that all thoz big gyz ar jus reellee overfed an they not strong untl they akshul werk wift toolz lik the reellee cool red rubbr thingee. It stretchiz a whol lot. I liks watchin it. Mom sez it keep her sholdrz frum getting outa hand.

Aneewae, if I wuz a footbol playr, I cud play wift it a lot. Mom remynz me tho, that I wud also hav to carree a footbol an run at saym time. How I suppozd to do that? I has to run on my feets! All of them. An a footbol is almos as big as I am.

So mebbe I shud be a perfeshunul Checkrz playr. This migt be somthin to considr…


Pamela said...

Or chess. Ask yer mom about chess. Not cheese: chess.

Musashi said...

Yah, we talkt about chess. Turns out yu has to rmeember how the diffrunt peesiz moov in diffrunt drekshunz an lik that. I wuz oK wift pawnz an rooks an bishops but wen she tryd to egsplayn the horsy 1s, I jus givd up. I reellee liks chekrs. I kin rmemembr the roolz all dae!