Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Choozin Mai Perfeshun

Musashi Sez:

Mai cuzzin Bekka has problim. She tryin to figger out what she goin to be when she grow up, an she figgr it all haz to do wift wher she go to colledj. I has strong feelin fer her, cuz I am tryin to figger out mai fyutcher too.

Mai mom keep sayin that Bekka shud go to a libral artz collidj an jus trai a buntcha stuff, but Bekka is what yu cud call fussee: she need to noe now what she goin to do fer, lik, lotsa years. An I get that, cuz I figger, if I can’t plan at leest a yeer or 2 in advans then I’m goin to be SO BEHIND that it isn’t eevn worft tryin to catch up. Cuz, yu noe, kittees, we onlee liv fer lik 10-15 yeers. So 2 yeers is a liftym.

Still, mai mom insist that Bekka will probabul becom a bonfitz fuzzler (mom’z spellin, not myn!). I sez, what is a bonfitz an how does yu fuzzl it? She sez she don’t noe, cuz it hazn’t ben inventid yet. I can't tell if she’s bein seeryus or if it’s a meddafor. (She is a po-et, aftr all, an they is pron to meddaforz.)

So anneewae, I has perty mutch desydid to becom a kittee herdr. I saw on YuToob how it is a rugf an ruggid job an differkult to do, but yu gits to be frends wift buntcha tougft guyz whu kin carree a kittee (eevn a Mayn Coon Kittee!!!) on they’r saddulz. An yu eetz korfee and beenz all the timz, an that gotter be betterer than kittee cruntcheez.

Mom sez, “Well, if that whut yu wantz…” lik ther’z somthin betterer, but I seen that moovee, Sittee Slikkerz, an I noez that yu gots to fokuss.

If yu wantz to see how all yu kin be, yu gotz to go to:



Pamela said...

Hey M Cat:

More blogging!!!

Musashi said...

Yah,so yu got ideerz? I ben thinkin an thinkin an commin up wift nothin. Yu got ideerz an I'll be bloggin.

Yu bet.

MY said...


If you could go on vacation any ONE place in the WHOLE world, where would you go?

- M

P.S. My word verification today was "undies." Ain't life grand?