Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Mai Mor Egspektid Vaykayshun

Musashi Sez:

So I has been taykin a few weeks off, mostly playin pirate in Mom’s closet, although I has to say that at first we were maykin all her socks walk the plank. Cuz they were whoo-ee too stinkee eevn fer us, who aprershiaytes the shtinky!!! Then Mr. Tyger said, “Wull, if we is so all-fired scaredy-cats of sharks, why don’t we jus put them socks on strings like buoyouoyouys, and then the sharks will conshusly avoid us."

Yep, he’s perty smart lik that.

So this is whut we did. Also, we maydid a treaty wift her T-shirsts—not all of them, just the ones whut she wear at the “Jim.” They are the stinkiest, but not as bad as the sockses. We use them shirtses as sails, so that the Wind kin blow the stinky out of them. Huh.

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