Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Liddul Green Gyz

Musashi Sez:

Mai mom an I has noo hobbeez. Hers is watchin The X-Fylz rerunz on her kapyuter an myn is walkin between her an the kapyootr screen whil she’z doin it.

This is not so eezee as it soun, cuz I has to tim it jus rigt, so that jus befor ther is a scaree soun, I has to be reddee to jump! up on her desk an skayr her wits out. Huh.

Yu problee not noe this TV sho. It wuz on televizhn yeerz an yeerz ago, wae befor I eevn got bornd! It’s about liddul green gyz wift big blak eyz comin down from othr planets to tayk ovr the wurld an theez 2 FBI peeples whu stops them. Or possiblul it about theez govermint peeplez whu is tryin to taky ovr them liddul green gyz, an the FBI peeplez is tryin to find evidints that they’r doin it. Also, somtimz ther is vampyrz, werwulfs, gosts, cereal killrz an lik that. Mom spendz a lot of tim laugfin.

An then she sihg reellee big an go bak to writin her payprz fer skool. An I go bak to seeruyus biznis of nappin.

Huh. Mai lyf. It onlee luk eezee from the outsid.


Pamela said...

I like the eppisoads with the vampyrz, werwulfs, gosts, cereal killrz the bestest.

Musashi said...

Yah, me tu.