Monday, August 31, 2015

Whut I Did This Summr

So I tookt the summr orf to be a Gentulman of Leezhur an writ mai furstest novul. This is a novul of adventchur, wift chays sceens and pirates and lotsa derring-do, which are the sortsa things yu kin expect from a novul, especially if it is writed by ME. I had to hide mai writin from Mom, cuz she is a English teetcher an they ar known to be perticular about things lik spellin an plots an tranzitions an stuffs. An I didn't want her to be crampin mai style. So I writed in one of her old notebooks wift my trustee purpul crayon (except I did the fightin sceens in red and the long, borin descriptions that nobody reads in green).

But then I went to try an type it up and it just no good typin wift paws. The keys are too little and it takes ferever to get to the end of a sentence if I try to type wift just one toe. So I hadsta admit to Mom about mai Novul an aksksd her to type it fer me. She was verree surprized, because she thought I had spent the summer jus lyin around.

This could not be furtherer from the trooth. I was imaginatin like crazy. Sometimes, I sat in her compyuter chair and jus stared at the compyuter fer hours. Parently, lots of novulists do this. At one point I asksd Mom if I could have a cup of corfee (preferable in her ninja mug), but she said that it would stunt my growth or somthin. So mai novul migt not akshullee be as EXCITIN as I had planned.

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